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Traffic Law
Berner & Kusch provides support on all questions of mobility in road traffic.

If you are the aggrieved party in an accident, we can fully handle the claims based on personal injury and damage to property towards the opposing liability insurance company. By the way, this is free of cost to you if the liability insurer assumes liability to the full extent!

Restricted mobility due to a ban on driving or even the threat of a revocation of your driving licence may have severe economic consequences. Ask our advice in due time!

  • Road traffic law

    • Adjustment of claims towards liability insurance companies in cases of personal injury and damage to property
    • Compensation for pain and suffering
    • Loss of earnings
    • Housekeeping damage
    • Old-age pensions
    • Repair costs
    • Expert's opinions
    • Loss in value upon resale
    • Rented car costs
    • Fully comprehensive insurance and preferential quota of damages
  • Defence in penal traffic cases

    • Drunk driving / driving under the influence of drugs
    • Hit and run
    • Dangerous intervention into road traffic
    • Driving without driving licence
  • Traffic offences

    • Penalty notices
    • Bans on driving
    • Entries in the Flensburg  Central-card Index for Traffic Offences (Verkehrszentralregister, VZR)
  • Driving licence matters

    • Seizure / revocation of driving licence
    • Blocking periods
    • Medical-psychological assessment
    • Reduction of points (entries in the Flensburg  Central-card Index for Traffic Offences)