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Company Law
Berner & Kusch provide comprehensive consulting services to companies, managing directors, members of boards of any kind of company.

We accompany you through the foundation process and give advice on the choice of legal form of a company. You may also consult us for questions of business management, reorganisation, change of corporate form, investments into or sale of companies or parts of companies.

  • Corporate relationship: Advice on all legal aspects relating to corporate relationships (e.g. GbR (partnership under the Civil Code), GmbH (private limited company), AG (stock corporation), GmbH & Co. KG (limited partnership with a limited liability company as the general partner)
  • Memorandums and articles of association: Advice on and designing of memorandums and articles of association, articles of partnership, statutes, contracts of service
  • Takeover: Advice and support on company acquisition contracts, reorganisation and change of corporate form